Top 10 Coolest Inventions Ever Made

The coolest inventions ever are those which changed how human beings lived. The impact that they  had on our daily lives is what makes the following inventions good candidates for being called the best inventions in the history of mankind

Coolest Inventions Ever

The Telescope

This invention forced human beings to believe that the Earth was not the center of the universe, but a small place, surrounded by vast empty spaces and planets and stars next to which it is nothing but a speck of dust.

coolest inventions - telescopre

The Printing Press

It is not to be wondered at that this list starts off with the printing press, which is probably something that you dismiss off as rather boring. However, it was with the advent of Gutenberg’s printing press that information became freely available to more people. Before this, all books had to be written by hand, and therefore, were very expensive and beyond the means of the common man.

Cool Inventions - Printing Press

The Light Bulb

Contrary to what most of us are told or taught, Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb. The bulb, which definitely is to be counted among cool inventions, was the hard work of many other people, but was improved upon and marketed well by Edison. Regardless, it made our lives, literally, brighter.

Edison Light Bulb

The Automobile

The first automobile to run because if an internal combustion engine was designed by Karl Benz in 1885. There was no looking back after this, and automobiles were constantly improved and made safer. Roads were made better because of this, and with connectivity between cities/towns/villages getting better, human beings were so much better off than before.

First Automobile

The Telephone

This invention, one of the best inventions of all times, improved human conditions in a unique way communication improved greatly, and allowed news and information to be exchanged at an unprecedented rate.

Old Telephone

The Radio

Think back to the times of the Wars. The most used means of communication was the radio. It was also the only link people in remote places had with the outside the world, and it is still as popular today as it was when it was in its early stages of development.

Old Radio

The Television

This invention, which has since been called the idiot box, must be given the credit that is due to it. It allowed people to see places which they could never visit themselves, entertain themselves through watching television shows and a lot more.

Old Telefunken TV


There was a time when major chunks of entire populations were wiped out because of infectious diseases. In the late nineteenth century, however, things got better when science made advances in the field of medicine.

Antibiotics - Cool Invention

The Computer

The history and development of computers will take pages and more pages to fill up, but they have to be given a spot in any list of cool inventions. It is difficult to imagine life without computers today. We rely on them heavily for daily tasks, and of course, with them comes the internet, e-mail etc.

First Computer Ever

The Microscope

This invention allowed human beings to perceive such minute details about the world around them that they were amazed. Nobody had imagine that all biological material was made up of tiny cells, till then. The microscope revolutionized our way of looking at the world around us.

First Microscope Ever

The ten inventions listed above are definitely the coolest inventions of all times. We may take them for granted today, but if you close your eyes for a moment and try to think of life without them, you will be shocked. They add so much value to our daily lives, that it is difficult to imagine their absence.

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