Top 10 Best Selling Fireworks of All Time

Fireworks are an inspirational addition to any kind of celebration, whether that be a wedding, a birthday, New Year, or a national festival. But what are the top selling fireworks that keep people engaged with displays, and makes them excited whenever they hear that a display is happening near them?

We looked at the top 10 bestselling fireworks and at why they are so amazing. We couldn’t find a video for the first one, but we did for all the other ones.

1. Celebration

Although a relatively new firework set, this 55-shot box lasts well over a minute, launching an array of colors into the sky that will keep the audience transfixed throughout detonation.

celebration fireworks

2. Majestic Finale

The clue is very much in the title with this firework, and while the majesty of what goes before will have the audience thinking the end must be near, this two minute assault of assorted effects will leave them in no doubt they have witnessed the Majestic Finale.

3. Colossus

This is one of the most famous fireworks of them all, renowned for the quality and clarity of the colours it fires into the sky, along with strobe effects and distinct whistling sounds.

4. Doomsday Detonation
With new theories coming to light all the time about impeding disaster for Earth, why not trump all of those with this spectacular 100-shot firework that will leave viewers’ minds thinking of anything but doom.

5. Sparklers

The most simple of fireworks, one that we all remember, and one that sells in the millions every year, the handheld sparkler is surely destined to be a favorite  forever.

6. Fiery Eye

A take on the traditional Catherine Wheel, this bright firework lights in an effervescent purple and red color that is certain to wow those in attendance.

7. Star War

By the standards of modern fireworks, this one detonates relatively low in the sky at a distance of just 10 meters. However, the audience definitely feels the effect of the explosion being closer to them as normal when the red and gold fires above their heads.

8. Hitman

This might sound a little ominous, but it is one of the best fireworks in history, especially in terms of value. 16 shots of red and green stars as well as crackling effects is what you get in this box, which more than lives up to its name.

9. Flying Phoenix

There are few better fountain fireworks around than this one, which will ignite for well over a minute and fill your audiences’ eyes with a range of color.

10. King Cobra

While not quite the Dragon from the Lord of the Rings film, this double rocket will leave your audience in awe as it explodes into the sky, with a monster 200g of gunpowder contained within it.

Whatever the occasion, if you are having fireworks as part of the celebration, then these should be at the top of your shopping list. Ensure you give your guests an experience they will never forget.

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For more awesome firework samples, check out this user’s YouTube channel

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