Top 7 Ancient Aliens Episodes

History Channel Ancient Aliens episodes present hypotheses of how ancient civilizations may have received their technologies from aliens long ago. Historical texts, archaeology and legends contain evidences of contact with extra-terrestrial beings.

The series is produced by Prometheus Entertainment. The first season of Ancient Aliens aired on the 8th of March 2009. The second season began on the 28th of October 2010.  The third season was released on the 28th of July 2011.  Season four then premiered on the 17th of February 2012.  The last season was released on H2 rather than the History Channel.

In this article, we look at some of the best Ancient Aliens episodes  of all time.–this is according to the representation of History channel Ancient Aliens.

The seven best Ancient Aliens episodes

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1. The Evidence

The season premier kicks off with a compelling case that aliens had made contact with primitive humans, citing ancient evidence as proof. It’s enough to make believers of the most skeptic. Indian Sanskrit texts from circa 6000 BC provide proof of flying machines, known as Vimanas.  The precision of Egyptian megalith stones trump what scholars once believed possible. The Jewish Zohar offers evidence of manna machine that may have been used by Moses. Are these sophisticated systems and inventions evidence of ancient human genius? or did this knowledge come from beings beyond our world?

2. The Mission

Did extraterrestrials create a mission plan for mankind and the earth? Ancient aliens cites evidence for the same.  Ancient Sumerian tablets speak of the Anunnaki race which is comprised of beings that came to our planet for purposes of mining gold.  Egyptian hieroglyphs portray half man, half animal hybrids that may have been drawings of aliens. Will man ever decipher the crop circles and mysterious crystal skulls to find the truth about mankind?

3. Gods and Aliens

Have you ever noticed the similarities between the powerful gods and monster of  ancient cultures? Without the ability to communicate with all sides of the world, ancient civilizations have written of gods interacting with humans, offering wisdom, knowledge and technology. Did our ancestors create the gods they worshiped or could there actually have been real eyewitness reports of ancient aliens visiting Earth? Aliens may be the missing link in man’s theories.

4. The Visitors

Legends of great a Chinese leader riding unidentified flying objects. The Dogon people of Mali claim to have received knowledge of the universe from their star god.. The Zuni and Hopi Indians celebrate Kachinas (gods from the sky). Katchinas wear costumes similar to astronaut helmets and clothing. Could man have received knowledge beyond their time from beings from other planets?

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5. Aliens and Monsters

Hindu scripture speaks of a fierce creature that shook the ground when it landed on earth. Might it be that this was no creature, but an alien aircraft? Are the Centaur, Minotaur and Medusa mythical creatures created by mans imagination only, or could these have been the result of  ancient hybrid and cloning technologies given to man by aliens?

6. Unexplained Structures

Discover inexplicable amazingly similar megalithic structures on different continents. These structures would even be near impossible for modern machinery. Find out about a 12,000 year old Noah’s Ark in stone.

7. Mysterious Places

Proposed hot spots of UFO activities are exposed in this episode. Bermuda triangle isn’t the only mysterious anomaly. This episode features many bizarre locations on earth including: Mexico’s Zone of Silence, Markawasi’s plateau, Bermuda Triangle and Peru’s Puerta de Hayu Marka. Could these hot spots be portals to another world? Find out now!

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There are a variety of TV series that people watch around the world. Very few of them  match up to the level of appeal that Ancient Aliens has attained.

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