5 Most Amazing, Life-Changing Medical Innovations of 2016

Medical Innovations

Medical innovations can save and enhance lives. These 5 medical innovations were seen at Cleveland Clinic’s 2016 Medical Innovation Summit.

  1. Gene Editing using CRISPR

Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat (CRISPSR) is a newer technology that alters the the DNA of any organism, including human embryos, in order to get rid of genetic-based diseases. It is being praised as a way to completely eliminate genetic disease.

2. Genomic Directed Clinical Trial

Experts claim that patients are waiting too long for clinical trials. Profiling patients genetically helps match patients to targeted clinical trials that will increase chances of research study success for patients. Genetic profiling shortens the time to enroll patients in clinical trials

3. Vaccines to Prevent Public Health Epidemics

Can Ebola, meningococcal B, and other public health epidemics prevention and clinical trial enrollments be sped-up? They are now on the fast-track for approval so patients can receive needed vaccines faster than before. An effective vaccine to prevent meningococcal B will be released in 2016.

4. Cancer Screening via Protein Biomarker Analysis

Is early detection of cancer real? This new cancer screening diagnostic test looks for changes in the structure of certain blood protiens to accurately detect cancer types. This new technology is more accurate than other cancer screenings. The new test can give real-time information on the presence of cancer.

5. Frictionless Remote Monitoring

20% of American adults wear a device, like a medical alert, that collects data on anything from exercise to sleep habits to heart rates. Needle-free glucose monitoring is now a reality. Data can be delivered directly to doctors and patients for accurate analyzing.

These and many other medical innovations are changing the world by leaps and bounds. Know of any new innovations that should be talked about on Toperati? Comment below to let us know about them so we can share this amazing news.

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